Do Interviewers Manipulate Responses to Filter Questions? Evidence from a Multilevel Approach

Kosyakova, Yuliya, Skopek, Jan, and Eckman, Stephanie


Contemporary survey designs extensively use filtering techniques in personal (face-to-face) as well as telephone interviews. In general, filter questions serve as forks circumventing follow-up questions that do not apply. While the purpose of filter questions is to reduce respondent burden (e.g., Bosley, Dashen, & Fox, 1999), interviewers can exploit these questions to cut interviews short. Such interviewer manipulation could distort the validity of survey data. Analyzing the conditions that encourage such interviewer behavior is the aim of our study.

In: International Journal of Public Opinion Research, first published online September 2, 2014 doi:10.1093/ijpor/edu027