Work in Progress

Early Childhood, Care, and Education

Entry to formal care and abilities of preschoolers: A comparison of East and West Germany (slides, 12.11.2015)

Childcare, Early Education and Social Inequalities. An International Perspective. (book project, joint editorship with Blossfeld, H.-P., Kulic, N., & Triventi, M.).

Educational Systems and Inequalities in Educational Opportunities

Skopek, J. and Dronkers, J. (2015). Performance in Secondary School in German States – A Longitudinal Three-Level Approach. Working Paper. (download)

Models of Secondary Education and Social Inequalities: An International Comparison, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. (forthcoming book, joint editorship with Blossfeld, H.-P., Buchholz, S., & Triventi, M.).

How to make doctoral students finish, quicker? A longitudinal analysis of the effectiveness of structural reforms in a PhD program over three decades (joint work with Geven Koen, Moris Triventi, and Hans-Peter Blossfeld)

Ability sorting or freedom of choice? Secondary school tracking and inequalities in educational achievement in Germany and Italy. (joint work with M. Triventi)

Gender, social class of origin, and track allocation in upper secondary education. Long term trends in Germany and Italy. (joint work with M. Triventi)

Assortative Mating and Social Inequalities

Educational Assortative Mating, Social Background and Children’s Early Academic Performance (joint work with Moris Triventi, slides)

Intergenerational Patterns of Assortative Mating.

Family and the Later Life Course

Who becomes Grandparent and when? Education and the Transition to Grandparenthood in Germany (joint work with Thomas Leopold)

Research project: The Late Divide: Gender and the Division of Labor in Older Couples (funded by the German Research Foundation; in collaboration with University of Amsterdam and the Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg)

Methodological Research

One Hammer, Different Nails – Resolving a Confusing Debate On Comparing Coefficients in Logistic Regression.